In 1939 Cees and Johanna Tesselaar arrived in the Dandenong Ranges from Holland with a strong work ethic and a love of Tulips!  They started growing potatoes’ and soon sourced bulbs and commenced growing cut flowers. Their farm offered employment and accommodation for other Dutch travellers many of which stayed in the area and developed their own farms and today the area is still home to several Dutch growers.

In the 1960’s Cees and Johanna launched Tesselaar Flowers, a cut flower business along with their sons Cees, Anthony, John and Henk who took on the roles in this business along side their parent. Cees managed farm production, Henk and John managed cut flower sales and Anthony was in marketing.  In the mid 1980’s Tesselaar Flowers expanded into other states and national distribution. In Brisbane John Panter entered the business and he is until today the General Manager of that branch.

In the 1990’s the third generation entered the business including Daniel moving into the Cut Flower business and Paul at the helm of the original Tesselaar Plants business, home to the iconic Tesselaar Tulip Festival. 

In the early 2000’s Tesselaar Flowers made the transition from growers to wholesalers which is where the business we know today is positioned, sourcing from the best farms in Australia and overseas with a “local first” attitude, supporting Australian growers as a priority.

In 2019 the Tesselaar Flowers brand and name was acquired by Wafex Pty Ltd, a third generation family flower business with a long standing history and aligned values.  The new ownership created an opportunity to provide an enhanced product offering and greater expertise and efficiency throughout the supply chain from grower to florist.


Tesselaar Flowers has wholesale markets conveniently located in Perth, Brisbane and Monbulk close to source regions and importantly close to airports and trucking routes which is critical in offering the freshest, farm sourced flowers.

Our national distribution enables us to service regional areas as well as capital cities and receive from farms in all points of Australia.

Our Purpose

“Tesselaar has a sustainabilty first and always approach to business, with a strong focus on local growers and producers. At all times we strive to source the very best flowers available from a wide range of growers, only dealing with the best industry people to deliver on time and endeavouring to exceed expectations.”


We partner with growers across Australia resulting in an amazing range of blooms from Wildflowers to traditional blooms such as Roses, Lisianthus and Iris.

To meet wedding, event and counter season demand we also source from the best farms overseas including exclusive brands and varieties.   Our global sourcing allows us to meet demand at peak occasions, whilst maintaining a local first focus.

As part of the Wafex group we have strong affiliations with Helix Australia and regular supply from our own farms.

Our product development team is always looking for new and exciting growers and products.